The producers hope that Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine contributes to a larger debate about urban revitalization throughout America. We also wager that this film will create a positive buzz about Cincinnati, as viewers see the history and architectural beauty of Over-the-Rhine and find themselves rooting for the diverse residents and stakeholders of the neighborhood.

A key collaborator in Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine is Cincinnati's PBS affiliate, CET.

If your interests or organizational mission aligns with the focus of this film, consider contacting the producers. The producers continue to reach out to additional partners, particularly those who wish to underwrite phases of the film production process; or those interested in supporting any aspects of its development, research, production, or distribution.

If you'd like to support Rebirth of Over-the-Rhine with a 100% tax-deductible donation, please click here.

Aspiring researchers or production assistants who would like to be involved in the film production process, please contact Steve Dorst in Washington, DC.